Hydulignum ®

Densified Wood Laminate

Hydulignum Blade

Hydulignum and Jabroc are non-impregnated, densified wood laminates developed especially for a wide range of industrial applications. Selected beech veneers are kiln dried to a given moisture content, cut and assembled into packs with a film of synthetic resin coating the individual veneers.

The packs are then subjected to extreme pressure and temperature, causing them to be bonded to form laminated boards. By varying the laminating pressure and veneer grain direction in the pack assembly it is possible to produce material having various densities and strengths.

Hydulignum Wood

The material has been used in a wide range of applications over the years; in the Textile Industry, for Propeller Blades, for Underbody Skid Boards on racing cars, and for Jigs and Tooling in the Aerospace and Automotive industry.