Jabroc 'N' ®

Densified Wood Laminate

Jabroc 'N' is a special grade densified wood laminate with 6% hydrogen content ideally suited for Neutron Shielding. It is completely uniform, has high mechanical strength, is resistance to impact forces and can be readily machined to engineering tolerances. Its relative lightweight and cleanliness in handling are additional important features in the standard design of neutron shielding equipment. Jabroc 'N' can be used with other shielding materials such as Premac, Lead, Polyethylene and Steel to from complex shielding structures.

Jabroc 'N' has been used extensively for over 30 years without any known deterioration of properties. Typical applications include glovebox shielding, internal vehicle shielding, transport stillages, fuel flask shielding, room and wall shielding, bespoke shielded drum storage facilities and for shielding various project specific fuel handling and processing equipment.