Permali ®

Densified Wood Laminate

Permali Components

Permali is made of selected Beech veneers, impregnated under vacuum with synthetic resin and densified under heat and pressure. This process combines the strength and resilience of natural timber with the dimensional stability and moisture resistance of thermosetting resins. Probably the most important feature of Permali is that its maximum mechanical strength can be developed in any required direction to suit specific applications.

Permali Cold Shoe

Typical Markets include:

ElectricalInsulating Components, Fasteners
RailInsulating Fishplates, Shoe Beams
CryogenicPipe Support Blocks, Pipe Shoes and Anchors
General EngineeringWear Strips, Laths, Tooling
Permali Rail Joint Assembly

Permali has a unique combination of properties - good dielectric strength, high strength / weight ratio, resistance to wear and fatigue, good thermal insulating properties - and it can be machined to an accuracy approaching that achieved with metals. It is an outstandingly successful material and is available in the form of sheets, rings, rods and machined parts.

Permali Rods and Nuts Permali Cold Shoe Alternative