Permawood ®

Densified Wood Laminate

Permawood Rings

Permawood is a non - impregnated compressed wood laminate, constructed of selected beech veneers, coated with a synthetic resin and formed under heat and pressure. It was developed especially for transformer construction and is supplied in various densities to suit the application. Like Permali, its grain arrangement can be varied to develop its high mechanical strength directionally. It has good dimensional stability, dielectric properties and high strength / weight ratio.

Permawood, however, contains some free moisture; the electrical - and to some extent – mechanical properties are dependent on absorption of transformer oil after drying out with the rest of the cellulose insulation. The superior qualities of Permawood allow highly economical solutions to many transformer design problems.

Permawood Rings and Beams

Typically Permawood is used for Transformer End Rings, Yolk Clamps Lead Support Bars and general Insulation Support Blocks