Permali ® Stay Wire Insulators

Permali Stay Wire Insulator

Permali Stay Wire Insulators are manufactured from a specially assembled impregnated laminated wood beam and supplied complete with all the necessary metalwork. Permali Stay Wire Insulators comply with BS 1320: 1946, the overhead line regulations ELC 53: 1947 and ESI 43-91: 1977. The greater strength of Permali, compared with natural timber, allows for a considerable reduction in cross section and they are not subject to any of the defects of natural timber insulators (such as variability, splitting, weathering and moisture absorption). Tests have shown that impulse flashover along the surface of a Permali insulator, whether new or old, leaves no trace and has no effect on the insulator.

Permali insulators offer good mechanical and electrical Properties and will give satisfactory service for long Periods under all conditions. Our Stay Wire Insulators are supplied complete with Arcing Horns, Thimbles, Straps and all the necessary assembly nuts and bolts manufactured and galvanized to the latest standards.