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Permali Deho Ltd is a subsidiary of the German based Deutsche Holzveredelung Schmeing GmbH & Co., KG, one of the world’s largest producers of Compressed Laminated Wood.


Who We Are

Over 70 Year of Manufacturing Experience

Permali Deho Ltd is a subsidiary of the German based Deutsche Holzveredelung Schmeing GmbH & Co., KG, and is based in Gloucester in the UK.
The group is a family owned business and one of the world’s largest producers of Compressed Laminated Wood. With over 70 years of manufacturing experience we offer a comprehensive range of products form standard boards to fully machined components and assembled structures.

Permali ®

Permali is a water-resistant general-purpose densified wood with applications in cryogenic, electrical and general engineering.


Permawood ®

Permawood is designed specifically for use as insulation in all oil filled transformers. 


Hydulignum ®

Similar to Jabroc, made with thin veneers for high strength, used for tooling and parts in the Textile Industry.


Jabroc ® in Motorsport

Jabroc for Motorsport is made to the highest density with thin veneers giving exceptional wear resistance when used as underbody skid boards.


Jabroc 'N' ®

Jabroc ‘N’ is a structural Neutron shielding material and can easily be combined with other materials for complex shielding requirements.



Pressed with a chequer-plate surface to form a hard-wearing, electrical insulating flooring material resistant to water and most chemicals.


What We Do

We manufacture the complete range of Compressed Laminated Wood, also known as Densified Wood, to the latest international standards at our plants in Germany and the Czech Republic.

We stock a range of boards in various grades for ‘off the shelf sale’ but also supply cut billets, fully machined parts and assembled structures.
We supply to a wide range of markets including Electrical, Nuclear, Cryogenic and Motorsport, and have a range of CNC’s and Large Presses enabling us to offer product to meet all demands.

The materials are sold under the trade names of Permali, Permawood, Hydulignum, Jabroc and Permatred and our company has accreditation to the latest ISO 9001 standard.

Industry Sectors

The industry sectors we cover range from the Electrical Industry to Aerospace


Transformer end rings, lead supports, blocks, beams, fasteners and general insulation. Busbar supports, cable clamps and other switchgear parts, stay wire insulator assemblies.


LNG/LPG/Ethylene tank supports for type A, type C, Bi-lobe, Tri-lobe tanks, supports for LNG fuel tanks, pipe support for onshore plants and terminals.


Underbody skids, floors, splitter skids, side skids and wing end plates for use on all formula and LMP cars, including specialist track cars.


Neutron shielding material for glove boxes, walls, storage areas. Assembled structures with other shielding materials such as Lead. Premac supply and machining service.


Sheets for use as tooling, parts for the textile industry, pin blocks for pianos, specialist materials for modern and vintage wooden propellers.

Defence, Aerospace and Rail

Certified bullet resistant material, tooling material for aerospace parts, wooden fishplates, OHL parts.

With Over 70 Years Of Manufacturing Experience

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